I listened to a great podcast the other day which I wanted to share about eating for the world and about an organisation called EAT, who are trying to find a diet that would mean we can feed 10 billion healthy people on a healthy planet. It was really interesting to listen to Dr Sandro Demaio talk about his work in the WHO and in this organisation.
This is the podcast https://thedoctorskitchen.com/podcasts/episode-25-eat-for-the-world#
It’s really interesting to listen to the whole podcast but the verdict on the diet that could be healthy for all and for the world was to eat mainly plants, some sustainable grains and very small amounts of animal products such and meat, dairy or eggs if wanted, especially red meat.

It made me think more about how I can move more toward a sustainable diet as at the moment I feel our family have gone backwards a bit after having a more sustainable diet whilst living off-grid in Portugal. However, we are managing to grow some veg (mostly greens) in our, often rainy, Lake District mountain garden and there are some great places to find sustainable food in Cumbria now too. We have just welcomed Evaโ€™s Organics who do a great veg box delivery in North Cumbria and then many plastic free shops, that sell dried fruit and beans (beans are a staple on the diet mentioned in the podcast to replace so much meat eating) dotted around, such as our members Rootโ€™s Refill Pantry in Bowness & Goodness & Grain in Cockermouth. There are also others such at Another Weigh in Penrith, Cut the Wrap in Ulverston, Food Nude in Kendal and Rattle Ghyll in Ambleside have started a small refill section too.

My sonโ€™s and husband like to eat a bit of meat, so we also buy from our neighbours farm and are going to buy from some friends who have reared some pigs on their small farm and yoga retreat too.

We are quite far off this at the moment but listening to this podcast really inspired me and and I really want to move forward with this diet for my family now so that we can be sustainable, healthy and ethical to the world and living things too.

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