Another Way is a charity founded in January, 2019, in Cumbria by 16 year old Amy Bray. Our aim is to empower individuals to live more sustainably and to unite in communities of change. We want to give people the faith that their actions really do make a difference- after all, we are the consumers and the voters behind every decision. Another Way, has delivered awareness sessions, talks and activities to over 3000 people, focusing on the need for individual change and providing people with advice for changing their habits, all endorsed by leading scientists, including Prof. Mike Berners-Lee and our Patron, Alan Jamieson. We have established a zero-waste shop- Another Weigh in Penrith- with profits going to the charity, helping people to reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Our work is making a difference. We have collected hundreds of personal pledges of behavioural change. Schools and businesses have dramatically reduced their waste and individuals have changed their lives, often very significantly to become healthier, for themselves and our planet. Another Way is different because we do not ask people to change someone else. We ask them to start with themselves. After all, if one person was to spread a message to ten people in one day and the next day those ten people each told ten more and so on, it would only take ten days for the whole world to have been inspired.

Our vision is that every decision a person makes is based on their ethics and morals, with the health of themselves and the environment at the top of their priorities. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, faith and age, we all share this home. By helping each other look after it, we can improve communities, our own health and that of our planet. We want to rekindle humanity’s lost connection to nature and an ethical society, where our values are those of respect, equity, compassion, trust and happiness.

On 31st August, Hundreds of ambassadors, supporters and organisations climbed 140 Wainwright mountains in the Lake District as part of our launch event, Another Waynwright Day. Each individual was supporting our message and vision and representing their commitment to our environment. We brought together around 50 organisations, including Cumbria Wildlife Trust, the Lake District National Park, the Tree Council, Fix the Fells, the Eden Rivers Trust and the RSPB and around 600 individuals as a symbol of positive action. Many well- known individuals such as Sir Chris Bonington and Chris Packham also supported us. On the summits, despite the awful weather, ambassadors ran a wide array of activities, including choirs, nature friendly farming, a repair cafe, poetry, drawing, art and many others. A brass band even composed a fanfare for the day.

On the summits, people signed pledges to our planet on around 140 upcycled Another Way bandannas, which will be displayed locally and which have been sent to the UN. We hope that the day will have long lasting impacts and influence people to make changes in their own lives. In November, the Tree Council have given us a grant to plant 1700 native trees, mainly oak and hawthorn, in Matterdale valley in the Lake District. The trees will be planted during National Tree week by local children from the schools and scout groups we have talked to, as well as Lord Gardiner, under-secretary for DEFRA, so that the younger generation are involved alongside those in authority in improving their landscape for their future. Our most recent news is that we have just gained our first Patron, Dr, Alan Jamieson, who has found plastic in the deepest part of any ocean, the Mariana Trench.

We all have the power within us to change our own lives. If we all work together, we can change the world, young or old. Together, we can find Another Way, but we must start now, before it is too late.

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