‘Green’, ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ businesses are increasingly prominent. These are businesses with environmental principles at their core and their growth is a clear reflection of the growing interest of consumers in the impacts of the products and services they buy.

In fact, businesses of all shapes and sizes, from accountants to cafes to manufacturers, are increasingly recognising the need to think about their environmental impacts.

But how can we know who is serious about environmental management and who isn’t?

Green Small Business was established to enable small businesses to think about their environmental impacts, take steps to address them and maximise the business benefits from doing so.

To gain Green Small Business certification, businesses don’t need to be perfect but they do need to:

  1. Have an environmental policy and action plan that considers all of their significant environmental impacts.
  2. Incorporate actions in their action plan which demonstrate a commitment to addressing those impacts in some way.

Green Small Business certification is a way of demonstrating an honest and genuine commitment to continuous improvement in managing your environmental impacts.

You might well be an eco-warrior with a radical approach to doing business.

You might equally be a newcomer to thinking about the environmental impacts of your business and with unknown scope for change.

Either way, Green Small Business could be ideal for your small business. Download our free guide or check out the our Natural Cumbria listing for more details. Use the coupon code NC5 to get a 5% discount on our services.

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