This is the first of my interviews with Natural Cumbria members, where I hope to explore the story and inspiration behind each business. I absolutely love working with and supporting purposeful and sustainable businesses and living in all the work I do and my hope is that these interviews help to inspire others to live and work in this way too.
The first interview is with Kate from Bous Candles & Home Fragrance. Kate shares the story behind her business and the nostalgic thought she puts into the design process. She also gives us her tips on creating a natural and eco home and tells us about her role in leading the Etsy Cumbria group, as well as sharing more about her range.
This is my first interview, so please excuse the erms and the fact I am looking at my notes too much – I hope to improve in time!

Next interview I hope to speak to Clare Cooper about the inspiration behind her work in pregnancy and womens wellness yoga, forest school teaching and her fabulous new book Milestones of Motherhood.

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