It’s hard enough coming up with ideas, and committing to posting content during “normal” day to day life let alone during a pandemic. As a social media marketer, many of my clients’ content strategies have had to adjust, pivot, and in some cases, be flipped entirely to reflect with the current climate. Here’s my tips for content that you can keep posting and keep your sanity amidst everything going on.

1) Honest Content

There’s a pressure on people and businesses to keep pumping out positive content. The idea that we can all use this time to be extra productive and get EVERYTHING done on our to to do list isn’t realistic. If you can, great! But don’t feel the need to keep up, or give the impression that you’re keeping up. You’re only human and social media is based on our connection. Sometimes, sharing the negatives can even be a positive because it can make people feel less isolated in their feelings! My only advice is make sure you’re not having a moan everyday, as that can become tiring rather than relatable and will put people off.

2) Vent in Drafts

It can be hard to work out what you want to post and we often don’t make good business decisions when we’re very emotional. So if you’re having a tougher day and want to get it out, write the post but save it to your drafts. That way you can come back to it when you’re feeling better and decide if it’s useful or you just needed to get it out for yourself at the time.

3) Keep your businesses spirit going

Even if you can’t generate money at the moment, you can still use social media to make sure that you’re at the forefront of your customers’ minds. You could reminisce about past events and share the thanks to customers who attended (a good way to start a conversation with them!), and share pictures about what you’re currently doing. If you don’t have any past content, you could share reviews to remind people of why they should come back to you when everything is back to normal.

4) Spread the kindness

The last, and most important form of content, is to do something out of kindness. Whether that’s sharing tips, doing the occasional giveaway, or sharing how you’re supporting the community, it will be appreciated! We all need to pull together and everyone can do something that helps someone else no matter how small.

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