Find peace and purpose in your life, deeply connecting with nature and your inner self.

Jen and I both share a love of nature and the outdoors, this love and connection is what drew us together during lockdown through an introduction via Natural Living Cumbria. We are both passionate in life purpose of working with nature to bring inner calm, being kind to ourselves, others and the planet.

Jen, from Lakeland Well-being is a forest bathing guide, mindfulness teacher and Reiki master.

Being outdoors and in nature is really important to Jen. As a child of the 80’s she spent most of her time climbing trees, getting muddy, only coming in at meal times and when it got dark! Her first memories are of her mum teaching her flower names as they walked their dogs. She feels lucky to make this love her career and has worked in the conservation sector for many years to heal the land, and now works with the land to heal people.

Her ethos is that we can only begin to heal our planet when we begin to heal ourselves. When we are in a state of stress and anxiety it is hard to think beyond our own problems. By improving our own well-being, we are more open to the needs of the planet and more likely to respond in a compassionate way.

Her nature-based therapies, coaching and workshops engage on a visceral level, not only directly experiencing the healing power of nature, but encouraging a wider love and appreciation for the natural environment.

Alex, from Wild & Green facilitates grounding green therapy creative sessions, with a focus on connecting with nature and promoting an eco-centric way of nourishing our souls and reconnecting our love of biophilia. Connecting with nature allows you to explore your personal healing, well-being and development journey.

Using seasonal and local flowers and plants with holistic and healing properties, delving into the meaning of individual plants and flowers and their scents and colours, this creative space promotes well-being, self-esteem, creativity, communication and environmental awareness in a kind, relaxed, safe and social environment. All materials used are natural with an eco-friendly, zero waste philosophy.

Alex worked in a florists for 2 years, where her passion for all things green bloomed, but the downside of environmental aspects made her realise there has to be a better way to enjoy nature at home whilst being kind to the environment. She has been working with a range of private and public sector clients and is actively involved in a local charity promoting kindness to each other, yourself and the environment along with intergenerational connection.

The green healing retreat will start with Forest Bathing led by Jen. Re-establishing a deep connection to nature is very healing and nourishing. Nature has the power to guide and teach, to soothe and nurture, to excite and energise.

This immersive and creative retreat combines the Japanese art of Forest Bathing with green and intuitive creativity.

Time in the forest allows our worries to fall away and our bodies and minds begin to heal.

Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku is a natural well-being therapy originating from Japan. Immersing ourselves in the forest, it is a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind and deeply connect with the natural environment. Slowing down our bodies and minds, allows us to switch off from the pressures of life and simply ‘be’ at one with nature.

We will flow through a series of mindful ‘invitations’ to connect with ourselves and the forest. Exploring how the forest supports our physical and emotional health, we open our senses and engage with nature through mindful walking and movement, breathing and sound meditations; deepening our awareness and culminating in a traditional tea ceremony.


Engaging in sensory invitations allows us to be at one with nature, tuning in to our intuition and finding inspiration in the natural world. Sharing our reflections with a group of like-minded people over a cup of fresh herbal tea brings a sense of friendship and connection.

Alex will then intuitively lead you through an immersive creative experience connecting with nature and all your senses, with a focus on seasonality and an eco-friendly, zero waste philosophy. You will be inspired to create a beautiful and unique botanical piece of art with meaning, which is in tune with your surroundings and your blissful retreat experience.


The retreat is on Saturday 26th September, 1pm – 5pm at Whinlatter Forest, Keswick and costs £55 pp. Places are limited so booking is essential.

For booking please contact:

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