Welcome to Natural Cumbria. We aim to be a resource where both local Cumbrians and visitors to the area can find the best natural and holistic focused businesses. We know that some of these businesses can be hidden away and we aim to provide a platform where the great work they are doing can be brought forward for all to find.

We want to celebrate all of the businesses in Cumbria who run their businesses respecting the natural world and all living things. This is a place where you can quickly and easily find some of the businesses that can support you on a natural lifestyle path in Cumbria.

Maybe you are looking to book a holistic retreat or a family holiday, find a local crafts person, look for plastic free options, find a holistic practitioner, health food shop or cafe. You can find everything in one place.



  Hello I am Hatti a local, born and bred in and around Keswick and I have a love for the outdoors and natural, holistic and green living. I run Natural Cumbria around family life and around my other ventures Creative Soul Design and also my part-time flower essences and healing work.

I have moved away from the area a few times, but Cumbria has always       pulled me back and I currently live on the side of a mountain in a 300 year old Lake District Cottage just outside the stunning village of Grasmere.

I am passionate about helping people to live in accordance with nature, respecting the environment and all living things, especially in such a beautiful place as Cumbria. That passion as well as my knowledge of many local businesses that fit into this ethos, made me want to launch this directory to bring more visibility to businesses that work in a different way. I also love bringing like-minded people together to share ideas, inspire one another and support each other in business, which is why I decided to also run networking for sustainable business and eco markets.