If you have a business within Cumbria that you think fits within a natural lifestyle then maybe you would like to join our directory. We support businesses that follow various methods to keep their impact on our environment and natural world as low as possible.

This includes all businesses that are ethical, organic, fair trade, recycled, handcrafted, holistic, eco, zero waste or low carbon footprint, or all or some of these values.

Businesses are handpicked and invited or can apply to be part of our directory so that we can ensure each business fits in with our ethos. Becoming part of our website will give you the opportunity to advertise to a captive audience, one that is looking for businesses with the values you provide. With our Professional Green Listing and Website Packages you will also be a Natural Cumbria Member and gain networking and business support benefits, which you can find out more about below.


Please see our listing options below.

In addition to your directory listing, all our businesses will be promoted via our social media networks and blog, this will be chosen at our discretion.

Introductory offers below are only available for a limited time only.


The Natural Cumbria membership is for our members to be part of a growing group of like-minded businesses that meet in various ways to try to grow sustainable and kind businesses together.

All our members are welcome to join the private Facebook networking group and come along to networking events, workshops and markets, however only Green members get discount prices for these events and priority over anyone else.

Networking and Workshops

The idea for our networking and workshop events are so that like-minded business owners, that focus their values on helping people and planet, rather than primarily on profit, can move forward together. This is a new path in business and something that is needed in our world today, so getting together in groups, sharing ideas, new concepts, experiences and making connections is really valuable.
There are so many different issues to get around in business today regarding climate change, waste management, fair trade, ethical suppliers and wellbeing of business owners and staff, that it is best to support one another in new ideas and ways forward. We love magical collaborations not competition!

Our first networking event was on 20th Nov 2019 at Lancrigg Hotel in Grasmere. It was a great success over 30 people attended from all over Cumbria and all expressed interest in coming back again! We had a great talk from 17 year old Amy from Another Way and lots of connections made.


As well as networking and workshops for members, we also occasionally put on events such as eco markets, family days and also wedding fairs. These are places members get the chance to showcase what they do and also have the chance to meet and create a little community of like-minded business owners. Family days are really important as we also believe showing our children conscious community and forward thinking, kind and sustainable business is also very important, so that they can see different ways for the future.

Our first event is a Christmas Eco Pop-Up Market in Ambleside on 7th December. You can find out more here.