Welcome to Natural Cumbria Weddings section where you can find a range of sustainable wedding businesses in Cumbria.

As Natural Cumbria is here to raise awareness and provide collaborative opportunities for sustainable and holistic businesses in Cumbria, we have decided to team up with Weddings by Annabel to support visibility for green weddings. We are really grateful and excited to be collaborating with Annabel, to help change the focus of weddings in Cumbria to be kinder to our beautiful planet and the amazing nature we are surrounded by in The Lake District. 

Natural Cumbria is supporting a zone at this Lake District Wedding Fair in February. 


“I am thrilled to not only have an opportunity to share a greener way of creating memorable weddings but working with a fab team. Natural Cumbria is a natural link for this concept! When collaborating it helps when you share the same ideals and can work with your strengths. My wonderful wedding industry is huge and it can seem like stepping into the ocean when navigating to find the right contact. I am more than happy to help Hatti and have a central hub for Cumbria where anyone can see the wealth of great sustainable businesses available. This is the start of something wonderful and I hope everyone can jump on board!”